About Us

Greetings from the Chair

The Cooperative Program in Agricultural Marketing and Business continues to flourish with the active participation of undergraduate and graduate students and a Research Associate. On average 6 students are supported with funds generated by the endowment. These students are both Canadian and international, coming from China, Ghana, Ethiopia and Mexico. Their research projects range from Canadian meat demand (particularly in the face of shocks such as the BSE crisis) to environmental cooperatives for the purpose of manure distribution or carbon credit trading to risk management in Canadian cooperative firms.
The Cooperative program has been successful in recruiting an able Masters student each year for the endowment sponsored Cooperative Fellowship; as well someone from the graduate student cohort has managed to win a Canadian Cooperative Association Scholarship each year for the past three (winners include Getu Hailu, Ben Shank and Freda Glover).

Presentations are made on a regular basis to academic and non-academic audiences. These can be found in the Reports and Seminars section of  the web site.

A major study on attitudes of Albertans towards cooperatives and credit unions is currently underway.

The program has successfully sponsored four Annual Symposia and I would recommend you look at the presentations from the successful events by clicking on the links on the left hand menu under “Past Symposiums”. As well a regular newsletter is produced and distributed, archives of older newsletters can also be found by clicking here.

We hope you find the information on the following pages useful and informative. Please be in touch with any questions .

Ellen Goddard, Chair
Cooperative Program in Agricultural Marketing & Business