Graduate Student Thesis

Copies of theses may be obtained for a $25 charge by contacting

Patrycja Romanowska, Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Certification of Eggs with Credence Attributes, MSc. 2009, 224 pages.

Umesh Chand, Pricing Strategies of Firms in the Canadian Frozen Chicken Sector, MSc., 2009, 165 pages.

Ajayi-Lawrence, Lola. Characterization and Assessment of Human and Environmental Health Risks Associated with Urban and Peri-Urban Livestock Keeping in Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria. M.Sc. 2008

John, Gabriel. Market Power, Cost Economies and the Effects of BSE in the North American Beef Cattle Industry. M.Sc. 2007

Emunu, John Paul. Purchasing Patterns of Nutritionally Enhanced and Value Added Foods: The Case of the Alberta Shell Egg Industry. M.Sc. 2006

Glover, Freda. Canadian Agricultural Marketing Co-operative: Does Regulatory Environment Affect Performance? M.Sc. 2006

Jegede, Oyebola. Discrete Choice Analysis of Determinants of Membership and Patronage of Co-operatives in Alberta. M.Ag. 2006

Hailu, Getu. Principle-Agent Problems and Capital Constraints in Canadian Agribusiness Supply and Marketing Co-operatives. Ph.D. 2005

Wang, X. Household Demand for Non-Alcoholic Beverages in Canada Spring 2005

Lomeli, J. What Has Been Causing the Decline in Beef Consumption in Canada? Spring 2005

Panter, C. Canadian Demand for Chicken Disaggregated by Cut and Product Spring 2005

Qian, X. Impact of World Trade Policies on the Canadian Poultry Market Fall 2004

Shank, B. Pricing Games in Poultry Markets: The Cases of Eggs in Australia and Chicken in Canada Fall 2004

Mendez-Manxanilla, J. Effects of Foreign Direct Investment in the Canadian Agri-food Industry Spring 2004