Student Information

Cooperative Program Fellowships

Graduate research fellowships are being offered as part of the Cooperative research program in Marketing and Business with colleagues in the Department of Rural Economy, University of Alberta, Canada. Research fellowships are available for full-time study in one of the following programs:

  • MAg Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • MSc Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • MBA/MAg.Agricultural Business Management
  • PhD Agricultural and Resource Economics

The scholarship is made available to study any area of agricultural marketing and/or agri-business management. Potential research subjects might include:

  • marketing strategies for agri-food products (including genetically modified products), consumer choice in food products,
  • market structure, concentration, mergers, and acquisitions,
  • management of intellectual property in life sciences economy, patent law and biotechnology investment decisions,
  • entrepreneurship and agri-food “Value” chain strategies,
  • knowledge based economic growth (including network externalities in agri-food marketing systems),
  • managing organizational change,
  • agribusiness finance.

Ellen Goddard, Cooperative Chair in Agricultural Marketing and Business
Department of Rural Economy, University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2H1