Symposium 2001

The Co-operative program at the University of Alberta has had an annual meeting for many years. The 2001 annual meeting (held June 13, 2001) took a broad perspective on changes in the agricultural sector that will affect everyone, including coops, in the future. The papers at the meeting ranged from decision-making at the individual coop level to decisions by international governing bodies. The issues ranged from advertising to biotech to international trade. A panel discussion which allowed for lots of interaction between the audience and the speakers concluded the meeting.

Copies of the presentations made at the symposium are available here.

Strategic Positioning Under Agricultural Structural Change – Hamish Gow, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois

Advertising Strategies in the Agricultural Sector: Generic versus Cooperative – Ellen Goddard, Cooperative Chair, University of Alberta

Structural change in the Canadian Dairy Processing Sector and Implications for Cooperatives (PowerPoint presentation) – Maurice Doyon, Associate Professor, Laval University

A Case Study on Structural Change in the Canadian Dairy Processing Industry and Implications for Dairy Co-operatives (Text of Dr. Doyon’s presentation) – Maurice Doyon, Associate Professor, Laval University

Globalization, Concentration and the Canadian Life Sciences Industry – David Sparling, Assistant Professor, University of Guelph

Negotiations on the WTO Agreement on Agriculture: Where are we going? – James Rude, Research Scientist, University of Saskatchewan

Cooperatives Act, 2001 – Ken Vincent Director of Cooperatives, Government of Alberta