Symposium 2003

Branding, Labelling, and Identity Preservation: What’s in it for Agribusiness?

Detailed program summary


Meat Traceability and Consumer Willingness to Pay – DeeVon Bailey, Utah State University

The Impact of Food Scares on Canadian Meat Consumption: Could Identity Preservation Help? – Getu Hailu, Cooperative Program in Agricultural Marketing and Business, University of Alberta

Impact of Nutritional Labelling in the U.S. — Rudy Nayga, Texas A&M University

Labelling Policy for GM Foods: Pragmatism in Action or Policy Failure? — Michele Veeman, University of Alberta

Identity Preservation in Canadian Grain and Oilseed Markets — Pat Van Osch, Canbra Foods

Cooperative Marketing in Specialty Grains and Identity Preserved Grain Markets — Bill Wilson, North Dakota State University

Branding in the Canadian Poultry Industry — Rob Willmott, Lilydale Foods

State Branding of Gift Shop and Restaurant Menu Items: Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Local Products. — Tim Burkink, University of Nebraska

What does it mean for agribusiness? — Ellen Goddard, Cooperative Chair in Agricultural Marketing and Business, University of Alberta