Symposium 2004

Risks are inherent in the agriculture/food industry.  Historically risks centered around weather and markets. In more recent times the industry is facing newer risks from resource availability to changes in consumer preferences, to disease and health issues.  Symposium 2004 provides us with an opportunity to examine risk in the context of the overall industry and in individual farm or firm management.

Detailed program summary


U.S. Consumers’ Concerns about Eight Food Production and Processing Technologies, Professor Brian Roe, Ohio State University

Public Concerns about Drinking Water in Canada, Professor Vic Adamowicz, University of Alberta

Risk Attitudes and GM Food: Will Canadian Consumers Buy Bread made with GM Wheat Professor Michele Veeman, University of Alberta

Roles, Responsibilities and Needs of Market Participants in Risk Communication, Professor Cindy Jardine, University of Alberta

Agricultural Cooperatives and Risk Management: Impact on Financial Performance, Professor Tim Richards, Arizona State University

Farm Market Risk Management using Models: VaR and other Models Professor Jim Unterschultz, University of Alberta

Do Differing Attitudes Towards Risk Contribute to Cooperative Agency Costs of Debt?, Getu Hailu, University of Alberta

Cooperative Mergers and Acquisitions: The Role of Capital Constraints, Professor Tim Richards, Arizona State University